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At Ottometric, we provide an AI-driven, holistic approach to ADAS validation, addressing the critical issues of big data annotation, training, and real-world validation—all within a single platform. The platform’s development is the result of our team’s extensive expertise, gained from pivotal roles in the evolution of ADAS over the past decade at leading companies such as GM, FCA, Autoliv, and Optimus Ride. Our collective experience spans the training and validation process, automotive electronics, generative AI, computer vision, and big data analytics.

The automotive industry is evolving rapidly, integrating new features and facing complex challenges. OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers encounter significant hurdles in validating Advanced Driving Assistance Systems (ADAS) due to the high time, effort, and costs of current solutions. Our breakthrough technology streamlines the validation process, saving the industry millions of dollars while enhancing quality. This optimization accelerates the deployment of ADAS features, providing a significant competitive edge during this pivotal moment in automotive history.

Joseph Burke

Raj Seelam
VP of Product

Steve Caplow
VP Marketing

Jeff Barker
VP of Sales

John Curran

Chris Moberg
VP Engineering

Djordje Obradovich
Head of AI and CV

Nemanja Milosevich
Head of Analytics

Jeff Bernstein
Head of Data

Magnus Snorrason
Chief Engineer


Automotive Ventures
Berkeley SkyDeck
Investor Collaborative
Proeza Ventures
Rally Ventures
Reinforced Ventures
Trucks VC


Steve Girsky

Steve Girsky
Nikola Motors, General Motors, Centerbridge Partners, Morgan Stanley

Mary Chan

Mary Chan
General Motors, Dell, Acatel-Lucent, Lucent Technologies


Rich Redelfs

Rich Redelfs
Foundation Capital, Atheros Communication, 3Com

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