Use Case #3:

Cycle Reduction for HiL/SiL

Once real ADAS hardware is available HiL-based regression testing is essential for validating firmware updates against previously collected road test data. However, as the amount of data increases so does the HiL cycle time since the system runs in real time. Validation teams must then increase the number of HiL systems in order to parallelize the regression testing and keep cycle times to a reasonable interval. The cost of building and maintaining these highly customized systems can run to millions of dollars for a single program.

The Ottometric platform’s unique Scenario Prioritization Ranking (SPR) capability can score and rank each drive segment based on criteria such as road type, weather, lighting, speed, geography, objects, etc. – anything that can influence the performance of the system. It can then re-order drive segments to place the highest scoring segments first and filter out the boring redundant data. You’re then left with a compact, highly diverse regression test data set, rich in edge cases and one that is most likely to elicit failures quickly.


• Earlier problem discovery- “fail fast”
• Reduced HW & compute costs
• Reduction in HIL/SIL regression test cycles time from weeks to days

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