Use Case #1:

Data Collection Optimization

Road test teams typically have limited feedback on the quality of the data they collect for AI training and/or validation purposes.  As a result, drivers collect a lot of useless data, and the shortcomings are usually discovered weeks/months after collection. This often necessitates recapture of data late in the program and causes delays and cost overruns.

The Ottometric platform automatically screens each data collect and can provide daily/weekly feedback on data quality, conformance, and uniqueness while the driver is still in the region, enabling mid-course corrections that improve the value of the data.


• Providing timely feedback to the drive team so they can make mid-course corrections and avoid collecting bad or redundant data
• Improving the quality of the data for training and/or validation purposes
• Reducing drive time and cost and avoiding the need for recapture near the end of the program

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