The Ottometric platform automatically reviews thousands of hours of raw endurance test and training data, distilling it based on the KPIs for each particular system. Employing proprietary AI and mathematical models, Ottometric’s technology analyzes sensor and system data to validate correct operation of ADAS/AV systems. It also generates a prioritized list of scenarios that warrant manual review, thereby guiding engineers to the “needles in the haystack”. This speeds up required certifications and greatly improves identification of long-tail issues, which can otherwise be missed.

Below are common use cases in ADAS + AV system validation and training that can be automated by the Ottometric solution. Click on any use case to get further information:

Ottometric Product Brief
Get the Ottometric Product Brief to learn more about how Ottometric accelerates ADAS Validation and AV Training, further helping OEMs, their Tier 1 + Tier 2 suppliers and emerging autonomous vehicle designers deliver safe systems.

Ottometric White Paper
AI training is essential for ADAS and AV, ensuring systems handle diverse road scenarios, including edge cases. The labor-intensive labeling process requires detailed object identification and precise location mapping. To reduce costs and training times, this paper explores traditional data reduction methods and highlights Ottometric’s Scenario Prioritization Ranking (SPR), which achieves high-quality results with only 1% of the full training dataset.

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